Solo Exhibition:

  • ·        2015 Newcon, Portland, OR

  • ·        2008 – Infinite Frontiers, Kennewick, WA

  • ·        2006 – NanDesuKan – Denver, CO

  • ·        2006 – Kumoricon, Portland, OR

Group Exhibitions:

  • ·        2014 – Portland Community College Student Art Exhibit, Portland, OR

  • ·        2011 – Hastings Cafe, Kennewick, WA


  • ·        Created/co-op work with private party on manga project for nearly a year.

  • ·        2 years of college level Japanese language.

  • ·        Several paid art/short manga commissions over the period of the last 7 years.

  • ·        Extensive knowledge of traditional manga technique as well as modern.


I am an artist who has been working on it as a hobby for ten years. A lot of my work isn’t posted as the majority has been lost in multiple computer hard drive failures—I have lost seven years of work. ;_;

But I will upload the last three years-ish here and new stuff which will be added monthly. I use Painter 7, Photoshop CC, and now Procreate. I work with a Wacom Cintiq, iPad Pro, and Microsoft Surface Pro. I would recommend all of those platforms to any artist that wants to start working digitally. Coming to own all those devices took time and donations, I didn’t just wake up and have all of it. Start small if you have to—my first tablet wasn’t even a Wacom. It was a knock-off brand with limited pressure sensitivity, but my first Wacom was an Intuous 3. It’s not the tools that make the artwork great, though having them certainly does help.